Renting our space
Here you can find all information and book the shala for your workshop

It is 600 baht first hour, and 500 baht each next.
Can split in 30 minutes.

First step
Please read the rental terms described below:

Hatha Yoga Academy rental terms
1. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to book the shala. After booking, the space is reserved for the client. It is not possible to change the date, a time change is possible only if there are no other bookings.

2. No loud music or screaming. There are houses nearby so please appreciate the people living there. If your event is supposed to have loud screaming, singing, expression of emotions or loud musical instruments please discuss it before booking the event.

3. No candles without a candle holder. Violation of this guarantee spills on the floor, which leads to additional cleaning charge in amount of 1000 baht from the Client. No garbage inside or outside the Shala. The closest trash bin is near the toilets. Please inform your customers.

4. No food inside the Shala. Food attracts ants and cockroaches.

5. Any stains occurred on the floor, walls, furniture are required to be cleaned by the Client. Otherwise additional cleaning charges will be applied to your next rent.

6. If you are renting the Shala in the evening make sure you leave it before 9:30 pm.

7. Speaker volume is limited to a decent amount. Do not try to go beyond that limit. Use volume buttons on your device (mobile, tablet, mp3 player, etc).

8. Do not change wire connections. This includes electric wires. We can give you an additional extension cord if you wish so.

9. Do not move furniture. Do not move the speakers.

10. Always turn off speakers, fans and lights when you leave the Shala.

11. No shoes with firm soles in the Shala.

12. Please inform your customers that the main road to the Shala is the second or the third turn, not the first one (which leads to the houses).

13. Be aware of the next event. Finish your event in time.

14. Don't use yoga blocks for anything except props in yoga practice. Never put candles on the yoga blocks or mats.

15. No oil, glitter or any ritual powder. If you use flowers please clean everything before leaving the Shala.

16. Do not touch the mirror. Do not stick anything on the mirror.

17. Return the key to the agreed place after the event.

18. Renter agrees to these terms by signing this document or clicking the checkbox in the booking form.
Second Step
Check out our Google Calendar for potentially empty slot

Third Step
Please fill in the form below:

Rental Inquiry
Fourth Step
Please wait until we contact you and confirm the booking and invoice you a depost fee

Last Step
Check again in Google Calendar, that selected time is reserved for you.
If not, please contact us.

Have a good time in our Shala!